Underwater robot of Sublueswept 2017 Shanghai "Ling Gong Cup"


July 9, Shanghai held the Maritime University held in 2017 Shanghai "LinGong Cup" underwater intelligent robot contest, a two-day contest, from the 22 teams to participate in the deep blue and white shark MAX won Innovative application group first, deep blue finless porpoise IV was invited to represent Shanghai Ocean University, won the second prize of innovation application group.

This competition is divided into two groups: ROV, ARV, Bionic Machine Fish, and the competition in the water. The competition is divided into two groups: the creative design group is aimed at the university Innovative application group to face the enterprise.

July 9 at 9:30 am, the game officially began, the first day of the preliminary round, white shark MAX and finless porpoise IV easily into the rematch, eye-catching! After the game, deep blue to accept a number of media interviews, to share the joy.

Schedule to enter the next day, qualifying for the first six teams continue to compete, white shark MAX and finless porpoise IV continue to maintain a high level of stability, no suspense won the championship and runner-up!

After the game, the participating teams are participating in underwater robot communication activities, the participating products on the display platform for everyone to watch.

The second "Ling Kong Cup" underwater intelligent robot competition by the China Pacific Institute of Marine Intelligent Equipment Branch and the Shanghai Port Marine High-tech Industry Development Co., Ltd. co-sponsored by Shanghai Qiqi Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. contractors, and get the Pudong New Area Ocean Bureau And Shanghai Maritime University's full support. Attracting from the intelligent manufacturing-related universities and research institutes, involving sea-class underwater robot enterprises nearly 200 people involved.

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