Deep blue to participate in the 2017 American CES show


Deep blue to participate in the 2017 American CES show

International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) January 5 in Las Vegas, the United States officially opened, there are more than 20,000 new consumer electronics products released,Sublue participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition of the white shark brothers (white shark MINI, white shark MAX and white shark PRO), and our latest white shark NANO, underwater booster white shark mix, NANO also further improved the white shark family including white Shark PRO, white shark MAX, white shark MINI market application positioning, the application of personal entertainment market to achieve further development. Florida, California, France and other regions have formed a procurement and agency intentions.

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Beijing on January 9 came to an end! In the last four days of the exhibition process,sublue booth is always crowded, full of popularity, more people marvel at the level of development of independent research and development of China, which makes us feel very proud!

This exhibition not only opened up our horizons, but also opened our future development of new ideas for our future research and development to provide a valuable experience, we are full of confidence in the new challenges!

2018, deep blue will once again appeared in the international electronic consumer exhibition (CES), then, we will use a stronger strength, come up with better products to give back to everyone's love! Please continue to follow us so that we can see you next year!

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