Sublue will Meet You at CES2018 in the U.S.


2018 U.S.A. Consumer Electronics Show will beheld at Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9 to 12, 2018. This year,Sublue will bring you splendid exhibits!

Time: January 9-12, 2018

Venue: Las VegasConvention and Exhibition Center

Sublue booth No.: South Hall 2-26430

Sublue’s booth is located at SouthHall 2-26430. The 108㎡ special-equipment booth will offer you aworld of blue sea. All the Whitesharkproducts will be exhibited to display the whole series of new underwaterentertainment equipments, and enable youto have the underwater audio-visual experience at a close distance.

At the same time with the Show, Sublue willhold a new product launch meeting in RoomS228. Whiteshark MIX has been fully upgraded.The brand-new colors such as space grey, deep sky blue and rose gold will offer several choices for clients at differentages.

Don’t miss it at Room S228 from 2:45 pmto 3:45 pm on January 9!

About Whiteshark MIX

This product is thefirst equipped with double propeller propulsion system and it is an underwaterswimming aids. So it is easy to control when you are underwater. Thrust ofsingle propeller thruster can reach to 4kg. A small body perfectly combineswith high thrust. The speed can reach to 5.5km / h. Even a green hand can alsoexperience the speed of professional swimming. And the product achieves neutralbuoyancy in fresh water, so even out of hand in the water by accident, theproduct will not sink and lose. At the bottom of the cabin is equipped withmulti-function mount point. It can mount the Gopro camera interface. When youswim freely in water, the camera will help you record everything in the firstperspective at the same time.

The product is lessthan 50dB loudness, ultra-quiet, and reducing the noise of similar products onthe interference to the fish. It uses Shulman PC + GF30 material which is environmentfriendly materials and can be recycled. Using lithium batteries can chargefast, securely and be green. At the same time, it also can assist theunderwater environmental protection staff to carry out underwater clean andenvironmental protection work.

In May 2017, theproduct immediately won the extensive attention once it made its debut on U.S. crowd funding website Indiegogo, and finished all the subscriptions within 40 hours.

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